I’ve been using my HTPC with Windows Media Center as an OTA DVR for almost 4 years now.  It still works great, but a lot of things have changed and I’m thinking of upgrading to a newer system.  The Windows Media Center DVR interface leaves something to be desired.  With the rise of all the streaming services and even being able to stream HBO and ESPN now. I’ve been doing a bunch of research on, and found some good info.  Here’s a nice price comparison table of the different OTA DVR options.

After looking at this, I’m thinking of two choices:

1. getting a new HTPC with a little more horsepower and trying to run Plex.

2. Getting a Tivo Roamio

The Tivo is attractive just because the interface is nicer.  The Plex system sounds fun just because there are so many options and different things you can do with it. Maybe I’ll get both!

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